Running a business

  Whilst it is legal to run a business from a residential property, when renting it will depend hugely on the type of property, its location and the landlord’s permission being granted.   The type of property will primarily relate to room sizes and number of ground floor rooms, so that there is no overcrowding…

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Redecoration – who does it?

  A thorny question at the start of a tenancy; although the tenants have taken the property as seen, on moving in they might decide that the décor is not as good as it first appeared or the colour doesn’t suit their wishes. If the decoration is tired at the end of the last tenancy,…

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Which type of landlord are you?

It is fair to say, in the coming months we are going to see some unprecedented changes in the Private Rental Sector (PRS) and the changes will be coming close together, forcing landlords to make difficult choices over future lettings. We know the demographics indicate a strong rental market over the next 20 years, but…

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Energy Suppliers advice Phil Keddie Sunshine Expert Property Lettings Consultant

Switching energy suppliers

Most landlords think they have a right to impose their wishes on new tenants with regard to staying with existing suppliers. Nothing could be further from the truth; as the tenants paying the energy bills, in their name, they have the power to switch suppliers. If market research has been undertaken and the tenants have…

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Flooding Phil Keddie Sunshine Expert Property Consultant

Flooding can be a real burden

Having a property flooded can be devastating, yet according to the Environment Agency, around 5.2 million homes and businesses in England are at risk; with severe flood warnings increasing year on year since 2013. It is not just rivers and the sea that pose the problem, rising groundwater and overwhelmed drains and sewers can also…

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Client Money Protection Phil Keddie Sunshine Expert Property Lettings Consultant

Mandatory Client Money Protection

The Property Agents Regulations 2018 mean it will be a legal requirement for estate agents to be a part of an approved Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme by 1st April 2019.   Letting agents will have to:   Belong to a Government Approved CMP Scheme. Display a Certificate confirming agents` membership to an approved CMP…

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Japanese Knotweed Phil Keddie Sunshine Rentals Epert Property Lettings Consultant

Japanese Knotweed a Real Bind!

Once considered a Victorian ornamental plant and introduced in the 1850s from Japan; it has now become one of the most invasive plants in certain parts of the country and none more so than the South West.   Grown originally for its purple asparagus like spring shoots and ornamental foliage; the plants reach heights of…

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Reasons for a Deposit Dispute Phil Keddie Sunhine Expert Lettings Consultant

Reasons for a Deposit Dispute

In a recent survey by the TDS, the following were highlighted as being the main reasons for an end of tenancy dispute:   Cleaning Damage Redecoration Rent arrears Gardening   It is interesting to note that rent arrears is not in the top three! Cleaning and damage are by far the most important and with…

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Inventory – No Need!

Landlords and Agents beware; in this time when taking deposits is coming under scrutiny; especially with a growing number of Deposit Insurance backed schemes available; inventories still remain one of the most important assets you have to protect your property and should not be ignored. A recent case highlighted that an absentee landlord had let a property…

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What is the Inspection Regime under HHSRS?

The HHSRS only applies to residential premises in the private sector; as it does not apply to local authority stock. Any form of accommodation used for human habitation is classed as a dwelling so long as it is a building or a part of a building – so mobile homes are not liable to inspection….

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Christmas Electrical Safety Advice

Some timely tips on keeping electrically safe this and future festive periods from Electrical Safety First:- Real Christmas trees can catch fire a lot quicker than fake ones, especially if dry! If you do have a real tree, make sure that you are keeping it well watered, and avoid spraying hairspray on the needles to…

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Using an Agent – Check your Options!

Like most things in life, you pay for what you get! Owning and renting a property is a major expenditure and if you do not want to do it yourself, then choosing an agent can be a challenge. Going for the cheapest might seem like the simple answer because what can go wrong? The answer…

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