Sunshine Rentals Limited Fee Sheet



(Can be individually picked or bundled):

Pre Tenancy

Market Advice - £25.00 per hour

  • To discuss the property proposed to let out
  • Advise on current rental market
  • Check suitability of property
  • Discuss the type of tenant
  • Advise on property law and regulations

Visit Property & Advice - £45.00 per hour

  • As above
  • Meeting at the property & suitability
  • Investigate surroundings

Tenant Referencing (single person (£75.00) or couple (£100.00))

  • Meet prospective tenants
  • Obtain brief information & consents to discuss personal information
  • Instruct outsourced reference company
  • Keep both parties informed
  • Confirm if acceptable or not

Right to Rent - £25.00

  • Arrange to meet all people over 18 proposing to rent
  • Check in person (Skype if abroad)
  • Take copy of current passport, birth certificate, visa
  • If non EU check validity to enter UK – phone Immigration
  • Forward plan future visa date checks

Drawing up Tenancy Agreement (AST) - £60.00

  • Obtain correct information from Landlord
  • Confirm information agreed by tenant
  • Draw up AST using ARLA Propertymark template
  • Send to landlord to confirm correct
  • Send to tenant to confirm correct

Signing Tenancy - £30.00

  • Obtain Landlord consent for SRL to sign AST or send off to Landlord for personal signature
  • Arrange a convenient time to sign up tenant/s in person
  • Prepare full legal paperwork to give out
  • Sign tenant up and get confirmation letter signed
  • Copy signed AST for compliance and send signed paperwork to Landlord

Inventory Preparation (typed and photographed) - From £50.00

  • Arrange access / pick up key
  • Visit property taking overall assessment
  • Detailed room by room scheduled condition and inventory
  • Photograph all relevant parts as evidence
  • Send copy to Landlord and give 2 copies to Tenant

Mid and End Tenancy

Mid Term Property Visit & Brief Report - £27.50

  • Arrange convenient visit time with tenant / pick up key
  • Cursory visit (ONLY visual) to property
  • Report on areas able to see/access
  • Note state tenant living in & property condition
  • Check any damage / advise future works

Rent Reviews and Negotiation - £45.00

  • Check current market comparisons
  • Provide evidence of current rental figures
  • Discuss rental increase with landlord
  • Discuss / Negotiate new rental figure with tenant
  • Confirm new rental figure and tenancy terms to both parties

Final Inspection & Deposit Negotiation - £75.00

  • Arrange Inspection of property with Tenant
  • Visit and check property condition and inventory against signed (by tenant) move in documentation
  • Discuss findings with tenant and landlord
  • Negotiate, where possible, agreement on any damage & costs
  • Confirm Deposit release with Scheme

Drawing up Notice & issue - £27.50

  • Obtain Landlord written consent to prepare Section 8 or 21/6a (amended) notices
  • Check information provided is correct
  • Check legally okay to issue notice
  • Draw up correct notice
  • Serve notice by e-mail, post or by hand

Preparation & Serving (by post) of Eviction Papers - £100.00

  • Obtain confirmation from Landlord that tenant not vacated
  • Fill in court application for eviction
  • Send to Landlord for signature, then send to court with accompanying documents
  • Deal with court correspondence
  • Apply for bailiff if not vacated by court date

Attending Bailiff visit - £30.00 (Lock change extra)

  • Sort pre visit dialogue with bailiff
  • Arrange to meet bailiff at property
  • Obtain and take property keys
  • Meet tenant and aim to help smooth move out
  • Arrange all door locks changed and property shut up, left secure

Additional Service

Project Management - £37.50 per hour

  • Arrange to meet with owner and contractor to discuss work
  • Agree start time and photograph before
  • Visit site during work, taking interim photos, reporting progress
  • Liaise with contractor over work – problems & progress
  • Inspect finished work, photograph & report

Property Maintenance Inspection & Report - £110.00

  • Arrange to visit the property / pick up key
  • Check the outside – paths, sheds & garage
  • Check the external condition of the property
  • Check the internal condition, room by room
  • Query with tenant if any problems, report findings

Property Compliance Inspection & Report - £150.00

  • Arrange to visit the property / pick up key
  • Check the outside & external condition
  • Check the internal condition, room by room
  • Ask tenant if any issues
  • Clarify concerns with HHSRS specialist, report findings

Key Holding - £12.50

  • Securely hold key in a locked key box
  • Separately logged with secret identifying code
  • Check ID of person taking key, obtain signature
  • Give key out to authorized contractor
  • Monitor key back into office

Empty property visits (as per insurance) - £17.50

  • Pick up key's
  • Cursory visit to check all seems safe – damage & security
  • Check for water ingress (no roof space check)
  • Note visit with remarks & file

Hourly Rate for any service not listed - £35.00
Any property visit over 10 miles away, incurs a mileage charge of 45 pence per mile.

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Phil, We just wanted to wish you the very best of luck in your new venture, and to thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given us since 1999. In all that time our property has been fully occupied by just two tenants, both of whom you introduced to us. Our present tenant has been with us since 2004 and is an exemplary tenant. Over the years we have,of course, needed advice regarding our property, and you, with your infinite knowledge, have helped us many times. Thank you so much, Phil.

- David & Patricia