Why should I inspect my rental property regularly?

Hi, it’s Phil from Sunshine. I’d like to talk to you today about why should I inspect my properties regularly? If you talk to an agent, they will normally inspect a property every three to six months, there’s a very good reason for doing this, that is because it keeps contact with the tenant, that has been put into the property, it also means that the property can be looked at and seen on maintenance, the tenant can tell you if there are any problems and you as an agent or in this case, a landlord have a very good understanding of what’s happening in your property.

There is a second reason that is vital for doing inspections, not only can you see what’s happening in your property, but you can actually write to the tenant afterwards to confirm what you’ve seen in the property, so you’re building up evidence for when they do decide to move out and we come to a situation, where the deposit has to be released. Numerous times, landlords have gone into a dispute with a tenant and the dispute has ended much more in the tenant’s favour, because the landlord has not bothered to go down to the property, seen it, talked to the tenant about the problems and the issues at hand and there at the end, then says it’s the tenant’s fault, by having the communication, the visit, you have a better means of keeping the tenant happy, keeping the property in good condition and having a decent end result, when the tenant leaves.