MEES Part 1

Hi, it’s Phil from Sunshine. Just wanted to talk to you and make sure that you fully understand the meaning of MEES, minimum energy efficiency standards. It came out of the energy efficiency private rental property England and Wales regulations ’15. Quite a mouthful. So it’s been around for some time. It comes into effect…

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MEES Part 3

Its Phil again, third part, last in the series MEES, minimum energy efficiency standards. So the five exemptions that can apply if you get on the exemption register. Firstly as we mentioned previously if as a landlord you have undertaken all relevant and available energy efficiency improvements, listed in the Green Deal and identified as…

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MEES Part 2

Hello, again. Philip on the second video for MEES, minimum energy efficiency standards. So we covered in the first part why it exists and what it’s for and the reasoning behind it. Let’s look at what it relates to. It relates to and comes back from the energy performance certificates, EPCs. Now, they started in…

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