Switching energy suppliers

Energy Suppliers advice Phil Keddie Sunshine Expert Property Lettings Consultant

Most landlords think they have a right to impose their wishes on new tenants with regard to staying with existing suppliers. Nothing could be further from the truth; as the tenants paying the energy bills, in their name, they have the power to switch suppliers. If market research has been undertaken and the tenants have found a cheaper fixed tariff, they are able to change to that supplier.


It is always worth checking before the tenancy starts as this prevents any future misunderstanding or annoyance over the change. Similarly, whilst a landlord cannot refuse this request it can be useful to have the clause in the tenancy agreement, so the landlord is kept informed and knows who is supplying the energy to his property. This can be especially useful if the tenants leave unexpectedly and forget to inform the landlord of the earlier change of supplier. We all know that dealing with Utility companies can be a painstaking and irksome job, which can waste a lot of valuable time!


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