Specialist Housing Courts – A Swifter process for Landlords to gain possession?

Over the last few years, the length of time for Landlords to get a possession case to court and to obtain the order have grown, such that many face months of delays in getting to a full trial – and resolution can take up to 12 months. Last minute cancellations can also be a costly extra delay, due to too many cases being listed or too few judges being available.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has launched a consultation to look into this problem with the aim of establishing the need and viability of a Specialist Housing Court. Theoretically, a Specialist Court will remove some of the previous decision problems, make decisions more consistent and expedite claims.

In addition, they are looking at the existing court system with regard to structural changes; changes to the current enforcement process and better guidance to help non-legal professionals access the court process. Time will tell but something needs to be done to make the court process a workable option for stressed landlords.