Running a business


Whilst it is legal to run a business from a residential property, when renting it will depend hugely on the type of property, its location and the landlord’s permission being granted.


The type of property will primarily relate to room sizes and number of ground floor rooms, so that there is no overcrowding or shortage of living space.

The location will depend on proximity of neighbours, parking for any visitors, accessibility and potential nuisance factor for other residents.

The landlord’s permission will rest on various factors; it will probably need any financial lender`s consent, definitely the insurers, and if it is a flat, the freeholder’s consent.


Lastly, there will have to be a check on any covenants or licencing restrictions from the local authority which could prevent any business being run.

The final consideration will be what sort of business will it be and how much extra wear and tear will it create – a desk based business is normally a lot more acceptable than one which has clients calling in throughout the day.


Given a professional reference check at the start and ongoing good communication throughout the tenancy and regular periodic visits, a landlord should be aware of any business likely to be run at the property and can address the matter accordingly.


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