Property Risk Assessments – Do I need to?

The obvious answer is yes, in order to understand the problems and issues a property may have, as well as how they could affect a future tenancy or contractor doing maintenance. We are all aware of HHSRS, Fire, Electric, Legionella and Asbestos risk assessments; but a Pre-Marketing assessment? A case brought by the HSE against an estate agent in 2016, clearly highlights the risk for either an agent or landlord, of not risk assessing a property for marketing and viewing purposes.

The case flagged the issue of public and staff safety as opposed to what in the old days would have been considered common sense. Any potential risk area: outside it could be a trip/fall hazard, water feature or paths; internally slip hazards, poor construction or unsafe areas. The list is endless, but these need to be identified and a decision made about how dangerous they are and what the public need to be aware of in relation to them; to the point of, are they allowed to go near or even access them?

If as a landlord you are unsure, contact your local professional or call me for advice in keeping both you and your future tenants safe. In the light of the considerable fine imposed, it is much wiser to be building this assessment into your property agenda and be aware and prepared.