Photos and Tenant privacy! Really

Quite often during the maintenance of a property or garden, 3rd parties are needed to enter the and in order to provide a full and proper report with regard to repair, photographs of the problem will need to be taken.

To ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding photographs, especially if the property is a family let with children living there, it is vital that every visit is agreed in writing with clear instructions to the contractor on the area to be photographed and this in turn is passed onto the tenant.

Only by being so meticulous can issues be avoided of an unhappy tenant complaining of photographs not being agreed to or to having their privacy invaded.

If any do show anything of a personal nature or items of value belonging to a tenant then under GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) it will need to be made very clear to both parties who will hold what photos, for what purpose and for how long and when they will be destroyed.

By sticking to a set, agreed programme of events and by keeping documented records from both parties, it will be easier to prove that both the Landlord and the contractor have acted in the correct professional manner.