Mandatory Client Money Protection

Client Money Protection Phil Keddie Sunshine Expert Property Lettings Consultant

The Property Agents Regulations 2018 mean it will be a legal requirement for estate agents to be a part of an approved Client Money Protection (CMP) Scheme by 1st April 2019.


Letting agents will have to:


  • Belong to a Government Approved CMP Scheme.
  • Display a Certificate confirming agents` membership to an approved CMP scheme (both in branch and on the firm’s website).
  • Produce a copy of the certificate to anyone who reasonably requires it, free of charge.
  • Notify all clients within 14 days if their CMP membership is revoked or the provider is switched to a different one.
  • Provide clients with name and address of the scheme that they belong to.


The government will be announcing a list of approved CMP schemes prior to the commencement of legislation. This is a long overdue piece of legislation giving peace of mind to both landlord and tenant, that in the unlikely event of their money going missing, it is protected by the scheme provider. It also signals clearly that the government is determined to protect the public from rogue agents and landlords, as it recognises the importance that the Private Rental Sector now holds in the public eye.


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