Legionella – Tenant Advice

It is important to make sure that the Tenant receives advice on Legionella at the start of the tenancy.

The best way is to provide a guide that they can keep and refer to when in doubt.

They need to have a basic understanding of what legionella is, things they should and should not do and the simplest ways of avoiding it.

Top tips would be:

  • To be aware of any noticeable changes in the hot water temperature and the temperature setting on the boiler (ideally set at 60 degrees).
  • To be aware if they are more vulnerable – be that very young, old or ill – they are then the weaker their immune system could be so they will be more susceptible to the bug!
  • To know if there are any water tanks in the premises and make sure the lids provided fit and that everything is covered.
  • Understand the issues surrounding showers and specifically the heads, given this is one of the most likely causes for catching a mild form of Legionella.
  • To be aware that if the property is vacant for over one week, then the system needs to be flushed through to remove any lying water which will have a higher concentration of the bug in it.
  • To understand that Legionella and limescale for a dynamic combination for breeding grounds, especially on shower screens and on tap heads – keep them clean.
  • To appreciate that hose pipes in the sun are a perfect breeding ground for the bug and the initial spray coming out should be avoided by humans.
  • To know if there is any unused pipework in the property or if part of the property is no longer used causing some rooms and plumbing to become redundant.