Land Registry – what information does it hold?

With fraud a growing issue in the property market, it is advisable to always check both the validity of title and if there are any rights the property has and any charges against the property. The Land Registry holds a wealth of relevant information that split into 3 groups:

  • Property Register – description of the property and the date it was first registered; any rights the property may benefit from and should have the leasehold details if not freehold.
  • Ownership Register – Name and address of current owner, when the property was bought, any restrictions limiting the power of the owner and the class of the title.
  • Charges Register – Mortgages or financial burdens as well as other rights or interests that limit how the land or property can be used – leases, covenants, or rights of way.

As a letting agent this information is invaluable and clearly identifies the landlord owns the property and is entitled to let it; as a landlord, the additional information is always useful in knowing what restrictions any prospective tenant might need to be aware of and should be added to the tenancy agreement.