Inventory – No Need!

Landlords and Agents beware; in this time when taking deposits is coming under scrutiny; especially with a growing number of Deposit Insurance backed schemes available; inventories still remain one of the most important assets you have to protect your property and should not be ignored.

A recent case highlighted that an absentee landlord had let a property for several years; allowing the tenants to do any repair or other work they felt fit to do. Random, if hardly any, visits took place to check the property.

Needless to say, the tenants have now left the property, claiming that the landlord did little or no work on the property and were rarely in touch over the years. Having updated the property several years ago; they were under the impression the tenants would leave everything as they had found it.

The problem in resolving any dispute was “How did they find it at the start?” Not having an inventory, no dated photographs and no mid term reports, there was precious little evidence to support any claim as to damage or negligence. Needless to say, apart from making sure it was clean, the tenants had little else to do or prove as the Landlord had no written records which could be pointed to as evidence.

A good, well documented inventory with supporting photographs that are dated to the visit, are worth their weight in gold and no professional agent nor landlord should be without them if letting out a property.