How will no tenant fees affect me as a landlord?

How might low tenant fees affect me as a landlord? I think it’s uncertain at this moment in time, because the government is still debating various issues of the tenant fee ban, however it is quite clear that a tenant fee ban will primarily affect agents and will have a knock-on effect from agents to a landlord, which means the landlord will bear higher cost and in turn, it is more than likely will reflect in landlords insisting that rents go up, this will have a negative impact on the property market, because tenants are already finding it hard to pay some of the high rents and it will be an unintended consequence of what the government is trying to achieve in the sense that they would like the rental market to be more stable and for rents to be more accessible, I think it will also have a secondary effect for the protection of the tenant and therefore you as a landlord will have a knock-on to this and that is if the tenant is not being referenced and has to go through a third party for referencing, the referencing may not be as successful, as good and therefore as a landlord, you will not know whether the person that you would like to go in is the person that you really want to be in your property.

By not actually being able to charge as a landlord a tenant for referencing, it has to go to a third party, if this bill becomes law and this will cause unknown at this moment in time, but it will cause problems for the rental market and will affect you as a landlord, as it will everyone else within the property market.