Flooding can be a real burden

Flooding Phil Keddie Sunshine Expert Property Consultant

Having a property flooded can be devastating, yet according to the Environment Agency, around 5.2 million homes and businesses in England are at risk; with severe flood warnings increasing year on year since 2013. It is not just rivers and the sea that pose the problem, rising groundwater and overwhelmed drains and sewers can also be the issue.


Improved flood defences and warnings help to mitigate the danger, however as a Landlord or Tenant some simple things can be checked to ascertain the risk before deciding to move in:


  • Look to see if the property lies near to water or is in a low-lying position where water could pond; if the answer to either is yes then check further to be sure.
  • Ask the Landlord if they are aware of flooding to the property or if it lies in a flood risk area. Under Consumer Protection Regulations (CPRs) the Landlord should inform you of such a risk as the impact of a flood can have both a financial and emotional impact on the tenancy.
  • Check on the website: gov.uk/check-flood-risk (free to use), clicking on the `long term risk of flooding` link, inputting the property address. You can then download an address specific report with a risk rating report and plan.
  • If new buildings are located nearby, it is worth checking for any further new building applications as these could affect the water system: it is not only the new site but the roads and drainage works that could have a major impact on drainage.


Using some common sense along with modern IT, should enable enough relevant information to be collated to understand and quantify the risk of flooding, and the risk posed by taking the property.


If you need any advice or further information, get in touch with Phil Keddie at phil@sunshinerl.co.uk.