Do I need to visit my Property and how do I arrange it?

If it is not being done already, it will be essential under the Homes Act (2019) that regular visits are put into place; with HMO`s (Homes in Multiple Occupation) it will be a condition of the licence to operate and will be critical for future renewals of the licence. The type of visit can vary from every 6 months to check for maintenance issues and making sure the tenants are okay; to weekly for some specific areas of an HMO.

Written into the agreement, you should give a minimum of 24 hours notice. The time should be specified and reasonable with the tenant, who will have the option of being present or not. The person/s visiting must be specified and the reason for the visit made quite clear – this should not be deviated from unless another issue is noted.

Keeping records of this communication are essential and should prevent problems in the future.