Am I sure my property is GAS safe

Hi, I’m Phil from Sunshine. I’d like to talk to you about why gas safety is important. It is legislation, it’s law, you have to make sure that your gas is checked annually to make sure it is safe both for the tenant, that you put in the property and also for the property itself, more accidents are caused from gas problems, than any other, that are reported within the rental industry.

You need to have a Gas Safe engineer and they need to check all gas appliances, that’s the boiler, the oven, the hob, if they’re gas and any gas fire once a year, it has to be done annually and a certificate has to be produced passing it and given to the tenant and one given to yourself as the landlord, failure to do so can cause problems, both for the tenant, your insurance for the property, but also more importantly, you can get fined, if you are reported for not having a gas certificate.

I will come back to this on another video, but it also affects, very importantly, your right to have a Section 21 Notice, if you cannot produce the gas certificate, that’s up-to-date at the start of the tenancy.