MEES Part 2

Hello, again. Philip on the second video for MEES, minimum energy efficiency standards. So we covered in the first part why it exists and what it’s for and the reasoning behind it. Let’s look at what it relates to. It relates to and comes back from the energy performance certificates, EPCs. Now, they started in…

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How to choose the right tenants

Hi, Phil from Sunshine. I’d like to talk to you today about how to choose the right tenant. Choosing a tenant is very important to you as a landlord, because it is your property and you must be happy with the person, that’s gonna live there. It is vital when choosing a tenant, you have…

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HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) – the changing rules! Why me?

Since 2004, a property of three storeys or more, with five or more unrelated people, making up two or more households is classed as a mandatorily licensable HMO. Landlords have needed to be aware of what constitutes a storey, it has been classed as a usable space forming part of the living accommodation attic,…

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