Sunny Club! – What’s it all about?

As many of you will know last week at the Renting Minefield I had a pre-launch offer to those in attendance for the new Sunny Club. Want to know more? Read on:

I wanted a way to be able to offer landlords flexibility, one product does not fit every landlord, some of you are accidental landlords having inherited a property which you now wish to rent out and so may require lots of advice and support; some of you are long term experienced landlords who know how the process works but just want to ensure you are up to date on any changes to legislation, and some of you are agents who want to be on top of your game for your clients, which you can be with Sunny Club, we advise you when changes come into force so you can pass this on to your client.

What do I bring with me to Sunny Club?

I have years of professional experience in the housing sector, I am experienced at making the bewildering regulation and legislation surrounding the property rental sector simpler and more understandable, accessible, and as a result ultimately help you the landlord and/or agent achieve a greater return on investment.

Sunshine exists to make sure you, the landlord, understand what you need in the rental sector, how you should be doing it, why you have to and the potential pitfalls of taking shortcuts or ignoring it.

What do you get?

As a member of our elite Sunny Club you will receive a personal, friendly service, backed by years of professional excellence.You will receive ultimate peace of mind, you can be sure you will be advised of any legislation changes and dates by which they need to be complied with and how to comply.If you have a situation arise with a tenant I have the expertise to guide you through, whether it be needing to evict a tenant, bring in a new tenant, check your tenancy agreement is valid and legal,or obtain legal documentation from a prospective tenant – whatever it is you need, as a Sunny Club member a service will there to match your requirements.

Sunny Club membership

You can join Sunny Club for an ongoing monthly fee of £10 for one property and £20 for two properties or more.In return you will gain exclusive access to my “Personal Consultation Service” with links to a panel of experts to help advise and guide you, in addition you will receive a regular informative newsletter and free telephone calls (subject to number and duration).

Pick and mix

You then have the choice to top up your monthly membership as and when you need it.For example I offer pre tenancy, mid tenancy and end tenancy advice which includes market advice, visit of property & advice, tenant referencing, right to rent advice and checks, drawing up tenancy agreements, signing tenancy agreements, inventory preparation (typed and photographed), mid-term property visit & brief report, rent reviews and negotiation, final inspection & deposit negotiation, drawing up notice & issue, preparation & serving (by post) of eviction papers, attending bailiff visit, project management, property maintenance inspection & report, property compliance inspection & report, key holding and empty property visits (as per insurance).

You may require all of these for your property, or one and that is why I make it available for you to choose what suits your needs first.I am proud to provide clarity regarding my services and fees and therefore you will find more detailed information about what each service includes and the prices here .

Sunny Club offers the ultimate peace of mind for you the discerning landlord.

If you would like to join Sunny Club and/or chat about your requirements please don’t hesitate to get in touch.You can email me at or call me on 01395 207 346.

Sunshine – Illuminating your rental journey, saving you money and keeping you safe!