Congratulations to the First ARLA Propertymark President from the South West


We are thrilled to announce that Phil Keddie, head of Sunshine, the Expert Property Letting Consultants, has been inaugurated as the first ARLA Propertymark President from the South West.

Phil became President at the Annual General Meeting in London on Friday 14th June and will serve for a year.

This is a thoroughly deserved appointment in recognition of Phil’s untiring service to the Lettings industry over the years.

In his new presidential role, Phil says, “My goal is to help local ARLA Propertymark agents to become the Go To Agents of Choice and to remain compliant in this rapidly changing rental market, whilst encouraging agents to consider joining the association. Agent and Landlord regulation is evolving and it is essential to have access to up to date information, and be aware of the penalties for ignoring these new requirements. Part of my role will be to assimilate views locally and represent them to a wider national audience if applicable”.

“I hope to bring greater public trust to the market place and encourage agents and landlords to offer a higher and better service, which protects both landlords and tenants. In parallel with this, I want to help raise the living standards in rented properties, make landlords aware of their responsibilities and guide local authorities to be able to properly enforce the plethora of regulation that surrounds the PRS (Private Rented Sector)”.

Phil is the foundation stone of Sunshine, which exists to “illuminate your rental journey, save you money and keep you safe”. If you need advice regarding your property or lettings agency, seek it from a long-standing expert in the field.

To get in touch with Phil, call 01395 207 346 or email