Agent Fees – Do the Public Really Understand What You Do?

I am constantly bemused when I read about how unfair and too high Agent Fees are!! I write this, having been asked to arrange an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) on behalf of a Landlord who wanted to re-market a property but needed an up to date EPC to be able to start their own advertising.

Simple you would think.

How wrong you would be; the tenants wanted a time after their work as they had a dog, so understandably wanted to be there. The energy assessor lives half an hour away and whilst accommodating, had to arrange a realistic and convenient time to visit.

Agents will understand this, but it took 2 calls, 4 e-mails and 5 texts to organise this simple task. TIME is our greatest enemy when dealing with administrative tasks and a fee can be so hard to justify. It has taken the better part of 45 minutes (not allowing for the time delayed responses) and lot of hassle to get a suitable time for everyone. The fee for this – ZILCH! As far as the landlord was concerned it was just a call and part of a service package.

As many of you are learning; we need to do what other professionals do and firstly, explain what is involved and help our clients understand the process, the cost to be charged and secondly justify it. Only then will the public really start to understand what an unbelievable amount of unseen work a professional agent does, to keep the wheels oiled.